The Top Three Push-Up Mistakes

Push-ups are one of the best overall drills for the human frame: upper body strength-endurance, core endurance, spinal stability all in one drill.

And the push-up looks simple.

Just get down hands on the ground, straighten your body and away you go. Right?

Not quite.

Done improperly, you increase the risk of injury to the shoulder, neck, and low back, and get less value out of
the drill.

The Top Three Push-Up Mistakes

Hand Position- Hands high and wide = mistake

A lot of people place their hands high and wide forming a “T”

This reduces the workload on the triceps and pectoralis muscles but uses the passive restraint tissues (joint
capsule, ligaments) of the shoulder to create stability instead of the muscle system.

The upper arm (humerus) is actually in what’s referred to as an “impingement” position. The very small
amount of space that provides clearance in the shoulder for the rotator cuff tendons is reduced by the angle
of the humerus. So, it feels easier to do a push-up in this position, but the risk to your shoulder is greater.
Depth- Arms past the mid-line of the trunk = mistake

A lot of trainers and coaches will tell you that the best push-up is one where the chest hits the ground.

Not true.

When the chest hits the ground, your upper arm (humerus) is positioned behind the trunk or in an extended
position. This places a lot of load on the front of the shoulder and is often a cause of anterior shoulder pain.
The argument for taking your chest to the floor is to stress all of the muscle fibers, so you get maximal
muscle contraction and development. I understand that but what you’re doing is sacrificing safety for vanity.
You’ll get plenty of muscle work by stopping the motion when the arm is lined up with the middle of the trunk
(so the upper arm will be parallel to the ground). And you lower the risk of injury substantially.

The other problem with taking the chest to the floor is that the arm is fixed. It can’t rotate in and out like it
does when you throw a punch. 80 again, as the arm moves past the trunk, the shoulder will move into more
of an impingement position (this is much more the case when the hands are flat on the floor than in the image
with the hands on handles, but I still would stop the motion at the trunk midline).

Going too low isn’t the only issue with depth. It’s pretty easy to crank out a hundred push-ups if you move
about three inches. Yes, lower risk of injury but you’re kidding yourself into thinking you’re stronger than you

Sagging- The spine and head sagging out of alignment = mistake

When you’re not strong enough to manage the push-up, your spine and head will sag toward the ground. This
increases stress in the spine and even into the shoulders. 80, if you find yourself dropping, it means the drill
is too hard.

And guys seem to have an enormous amount of trouble feeling okay about doing push-ups on their knees.
I’ve heard things like, “I’m not doing girlie push-ups!” Please. Get over yourself. It’s a push-up with less load.
That’s it. If it makes you feel better, strap a performance band around your chest, anchor it high in the door
and let the band help you by reducing the load. Same thing. Easier on your ego, though.

Avoid making these three common mistakes for the push-up and reduce your risk of injury while getting the
most out of a great drill.

My core health philosophy is simple: life is movement. When you can’t move freely or in a way you need or
want to, suddenly your life seems a lot smaller. 80, l promote movement through the fundamentals first:
know your abilities and weaknesses, work on the weakness, build your stability, balance, and endurance, then
your strength, then power, then stamina.

10 Ways Stress Is Keeping You From Your Dream Body

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You have probably noticed that every time you are going through a more difficult period, you tend to eat more and gain weight as a result. While it might make you have a bad image of yourself, stress can also stop you from obtaining your dream body. How does it do that? Check out the points we have listed below and judge for yourself.

1. It affects your digestive system

The stomach and intestines can be easily regarded as our bodies’ powerhouse in terms of weight gain and loss. Stress can seriously affect the way your stomach’s enzymes break down the food, leading either to constipation or diarrhea. If the waste material is not eliminated in time, not does your body remain full of toxins, but it might also impede the natural process of nutrient absorption which is the fuel for our muscles, the body’s best fat burners.

2. It affects your liver

When dealing with stress, the liver releases more glucagon than usual. In normally the body is able to process all the sugar the liver provides it with, in this situation, the excess glucose remains unused and will lead to weight gain. Moreover, because we are likely to eat unhealthy when feeling stress, the insulin production will be affected to the point where the body becomes resistant to it. Type II diabetes is the result of this process.

3. It damages your muscular system

Do you know when stress interferes and all your body is able to do is tense up? When exposed to it for extended periods, the muscle tissues can break and lead to pain. You are unlikely to want to exercise in these situations.

4. It negatively impacts your immune system

A healthy body makes you feel energetic throughout the day. Thanks to a diet rich in vitamins and minerals and lots of sport, you will be able to maintain it in shape for longer. But what is there to do when you get sick and feel like doing nothing all day long? Studies show that stress will harm your immune system and make it more prone to inflammation and infection.

5. It can lead to anxiety and depression

These two major medical conditions will make you want to stay in bed all day and avoid people around you. What they also do is keep you from doing any kind of physical movement, so your body is more prone to weight gain than usual.

6. It affects your sleep pattern

Sleep is essential for all bodily processes, and even more so for how your metabolism function. The higher its rate, the more fat you will burn. However, less, poor-quality sleep goes hand in hand with a decreased metabolism rate.

7. It lowers the mood

If stress is a constant in your life, then you most likely feel down most of the time. As a consequence, you will not feel the need to exercise and also overlook your diet.

8. It causes chest pain

This sort of pain is usually associated with heart problems. A pounding heart coupled with an increase in hormone levels are sure to decrease your drive and can cause severe problems in the long term.

9. It increases the risk of developing unhealthy habits

Many people have the belief that the use of alcohol or smoking will provide some sort of relief from stress. Whereas it may feel like this in the beginning, in the long run, alcohol, and cigarettes cause all kinds of damage to your body, from respiratory problems to constricted blood vessels and even weight gain.

10. It leads to a bad body image

If you do not feel great about yourself, chances are stress will worsen the situation. Combine this with poor self-esteem, and you are likely to not want to go out and run that mile that will provide you with your dream body either.

Stress has long since it ceased to be a term used by people who work until exhaustion. Nowadays, you can hear it everywhere, and from almost every person. You too must have complained about being stressed at least once in your life. The thing is, this condition does not only affect your mental status but can have serious repercussions on your body as well.

5 Common Not to make Mistakes When Doing A Proper Squat

Squat is the perfect exercise for toning your whole leg. It helps to build muscles not only on your calves, but also on your hamstrings and quadriceps. However, you may fail to see the benefits that come with the aches simply because you are doing the squats improperly. Following are 5 common not to make mistakes when doing a proper squat.

Error # 1: Failure to maintain a straight back

Keeping your core tight and your back straight may prove to be a challenge especially, with a loaded weight bar on your spine. However, rounding your back can cause harm to your intervertebral discs which play the role of shock absorbers. If you want to do a proper squat, you need to maintain a chesty position by locking your spine in a somewhat arched position and draw back your elbows as you finalize the movement.

Error # 2: Breathing inefficiently

One major blunder made by lifters is inhaling a breath into your chest rather than into your belly and also taking a breath as you move down to the bottom. It would be wise to save the best for the last. Hold your breath till you make your way near the top of the movement, slightly beyond the sticking point. This not only helps to keep at bay lower back injury but it also helps to boost the intra-abdominal pressure thus giving you strength to push up. Avoid exhaling too soon and be sure to breathe out forcefully when you are about to reach the end of the rep.

Error # 3: Not squatting deep enough

Most people think that doing deep squat can cause harm to their knees. But far be it from the truth, deep squat actually gives you a healthier and firmer knees. When you perform a shallow squat, you fail to do a complete movement which is responsible for incorporating all leg muscles and this leads to injury and imbalance. Forsake your fears and squat low enough. Of course, practice makes perfect and with time you will improve mobility.

Error # 4: Always keep your heels on the ground

This is not ballet dancing therefore ensure you get up on your heels so as to maintain a balanced and firm squat. Keeping your heels down is a crucial rule during performing squats and needs to be mastered by all lifters that train their body to move weights.

Error # 5: Having a too narrow or too wide stance

The effectiveness of your squat is determined by the wideness or narrowness of your stance. Wrong stance may produce ineffective hip mobility or even cause you to be thrown you off balance. In order to pull off a proper squat, stand with your feet almost shoulder width apart and make sure they are pivoted at least 15 to 30 degrees. Your feet should not be parallel with each other since this can hinder proper depth as well as interfere with your balance, or cause you to twist your knees.


Squat has great benefits in building the perfect body you have always dreamt of having. However, unless you avoid doing the above major blunders, you will only achieve body aches with no benefits. Thanks to this squat exercise guide, doing proper squat that are safer and more effective has never been this easy.

5 Common Mistakes When Doing A Proper Squat

10 Wonderful Superfoods for Gorgeous Skin and Hair

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People spend a lot of money on buying a costly cosmetic product to look beautiful and gorgeous. Especially, the women squander their cash on beauty product and use this on a daily basis for a makeover. However, it can directly or indirectly affect their skin health and make premature older. But, people who take good food in their diet and use home remedies for their skin care, can have healthier skin than people who use beauty products. Therefore, some of the awesome Superfoods are given below, which enhances your beauty and help you to look beautiful naturally.

Sweet Potatoes: Sweet Potatoes are usually known as yams, contains several important health components exceed the nutritional value found in ordinary white and yellow fleshed potatoes. It contains a large amount of fiber and vitamin B6 that allows the blood to flow freely into the entire body. Moreover, it contains potassium that plays a vital role in lowering the blood pressure. These components help a person to look younger and control the aging signs. This Superfood can also prevent you from the problem of hair fall.

Tomatoes: Almost everyone knows that the tomato is a rich wellspring of the anti-aging antioxidant lycopene. It amazingly removes the dark spots and improves the skin tone within a few weeks. It also contains Vitamin A that helps to improve eyesight and also helpful in hair growth. Use these recipes cooked using a pressure cooker. Refer power pressure cooker reviews to choose and buy for better results.

Spinach: Spinach; a healthy green leaf vegetable contains a lot of health components that help you to look younger and beautiful. It has a large amount of nutrients and antioxidants that make your skin glowing and healthier. Additionally, it is also good for hair growth.

Blueberries: In the U.S, the blueberries were considered as the number one antioxidant. This Superfood is low in calories and protects your skin from premature aging. Furthermore, it can also prevent your body from several diseases.

Kiwis: Kiwi contains Vitamin C and antioxidants that keep the skin glowing and wrinkle free. This fruit is also helpful for hair, bones, and teeth. It also manages blood pressure and reduces the risk of cancer.

Yogurt: Yogurt is a very wonderful Superfood that contains power- boosting protein and bone-building calcium. Yogurt is helpful for almost every body part. It helps your skin look glowing and younger, and reduce your body weight without any side effect.

Walnuts: It consists Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E, which are both required for healthy skin, brighter eyes and solid hair. In addition, Walnuts are also very helpful for healthy hairs as it prevents you from gray hair.

Wild Salmon: Salmon is another awesome Superfood that provides mega-3 fatty acids alongside selenium and vitamin D, which shields your skin from strong sunlight. It is rich in vitamin D that keeps your skin supple and moisturized. Cook in the good fryer for best results.

Avocados: It provides wonderful benefits to your skin, hair, and nails, as it is loaded with monounsaturated fats. You can add this to your meal, or directly apply on your skin for better results.

Oysters: It contains a large amount of zinc, which assists with skin cell recharging furthermore keeps your hair, nails, and eyes looking excellent and healthy.

These are some wonderful Superfoods that are extremely beneficial for your gorgeous skin and hair. You can undoubtedly make your skin look sparkling and beautiful without any side effect. In this way, utilize these cash sparing strategies to enhance your identity.